We are a historic hotel and we attempt to keep the integrity of our 124 year history.  To this end, our hotel does not have an elevator and there are 22 stairs that must be climbed to reach the second floor.  We are here to assist, if needed, but this may be a hardship for some.  

Please note, our hotel entrance is located on 6th Avenue, a few steps from Main Street.  

History of the Hotel Ouray

At the top of the staircase you will see a framed photo of a little girl. 

This is a photo taken @ 1927 of

Rosemary Elizabeth


This is Patty's dear mother who passed on her love of geraniums to her daughter.  The hallway upstairs is filled with beautiful, ever blooming geraniums, in memory of her. 

Forever in our hearts...

We are so blessed to have an incredible staff.  They are not only dedicated and hard working but we love seeing the team work that takes place among them. 

They are vital to our success and we could not be more pleased with this team of professionals.

With special thanks to:

De - Thank you for being there since the beginning!







Please Note

Mission Statement

Our Staff

Your Hosts


Hotel Ouray has been designed with you in mind. We've tailored each room, our hospitality and amenities to make your stay as enjoyable and restful as possible.

We hope that our attention to detail shines through each and every moment of your stay. 

Who is the Little Girl in the Photo?

Experience the charming Hotel Ouray, built in 1893, located in the heart of Ouray, Colorado's Historical district. From its Victorian architecture, the hotel has stood out as a testament of the time when the mining and glory days of the yesteryear were at an all time high.

Originally built for law offices the rooms were eventually converted into apartments.  In 1993 Dale Stanislawski, the former owner, upgraded the hotel with new electrical, plumbing, air conditioning system to begin a new era as a hotel.  The Ouray Hotel operated until 2013.

Patrick and I truly "stumbled" upon the For Sale sign in the window, September 2014.  Three short months later we took the leap and started another chapter. "Hotel Ouray." 



‚ÄčPatrick and I, originally from Michigan and Wisconsin, had been traveling from Colorado Springs to Ouray ever since our honeymoon in 1994.  We were blessed to eventually bring our three children with us, Joseph, Rose and Anna.

We loved the small town atmosphere and the surrounding beauty and we made it our goal to eventually call Ouray our home.  Our children encouraged this move, every step of the way, so we began to seriously look at relocating for a few years prior to taking the final plunge in December, 2014.

Patrick is a master carpenter and sculptor spending 30 years in this profession.  My position as the Director of Finance and Facilities, for a large church in Black Forest, lead us to believe this may be an ideal fit for us.  My work for the church was deeply rooted in hospitality and ministry which is carried through every day here at Hotel Ouray.

We have been hard at work with renovations and updates with many more exciting changes planned for the future.  By June 1st, 2018, Patrick will have completed renovation of 6 bathrooms with the final 7 being completed between November 2018 and May 2019.  Patrick has completed a new lobby on our main level and we have now opened up our new bath shop "The Powder Room"!  

The Powder Room is part of our journey as well.  Patrick, years ago was a commercial beekeeper in Michigan and I've taken the 800+ pounds of beeswax and have been developing product.  Many of the soaps that I make are made with beeswax as well as lotions, lip balms, salves.  Much of the product development has come about at the requests of family and friends that have had skin issues, particularly those with very rough hands that can become painful, the babies and their sensitive skin and Colorado's dry weather and the need for Lip Balm. The feedback we have been receiving is so rewarding and I hope our guests enjoy the products we have to offer.  Every product I feature is Handmade in Ouray.

We would love to share our new adventure with you.